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About Me

What can I tell you but...

I started developing websites over 22 years ago

My love of computers and all knowledge of the internet came at a young age.

  • I first started learning website functionality and coding basics in the military where I maintained and updated my units website.
  • From there I would build both single and multi-page sites. This was back in the day when inline CSS was the norm and tailwind/bootstrap wasn't invented yet.
  • From there, I was building and hosting Wordpress and Joomla sites. I really thought building CMS (Content Management Systems) was the best way to build a website but, eventually, faced some hard truths.

I then decided to go head first into the coding world and actually learn how to code. I'm talking about HTML, CSS, and yup....Javascript. I've found so much more flexibility and control of a site through coding than I ever found with CMS websites. From there I started learning Django/Python and am currently building CRM (customer relationship management) software.





The services below aren't limited to those mentioned below. Need something special? Just ask.

New Custom Coded Website

This is for those who have never had a website for their business and want to get started. The website you are looking at right now is an example of a new build.

Rebuild Your Site with Custom Code

For those that have or have had a website but want to revamp or rebrand your business. While not rebuilt, this website is an example of the kind of craftsmanship you can expect.

Website Hosting

The ins and outs of hosting are a breeze when you use my service. No more worries about your site staying live. I use top of the line hosting servers to keep your site online.

Domain Names

I handle the domain for you. This makes the setup process much easier and less time consuming for you. If you decide to not use my services, the domain name goes with you. You are not charged extra for transferring your domain back to a service of your choice.



Do I ever use any online page builders or other platforms?

Absolutely. Each of those platforms have their own time and place to function. Some of them are funnel builders or platforms for selling online products or courses. They are called funnels because the sales page funnels customers through your sales process. It's a science and art rolled into one. Below are the common tools listed I use to build out different types of sites. The ones I use the most are HTML/CSS/JS and bootstrap.

  • I always recommend to use custom coding at this level. This standard type of website only needs to portray information to the user and doesn't require dynamic interaction from them. If a web "developer" tries to talk you into Wordpress as "custom coded website", run away. Most "Wordpress developers" leave sites vulnerable to attacks and slow.

  • For your clarity. Too many small business informational websites are built with webpage builders as most "developers" don't know basic code. Most of these sites are bloated with features you don't need and it drastically effects the website performance. While it may look good, site speed is wildly important to potential customers who visit your site. Don't let your developer talk you into platforms you don't need.

  • Wordpress and Joomla require constant updates to stay secure. If your developer doesn't know what they are doing, it could be disasterous. Wordpress plugins can also be a large security risk. This constant updating of plugins, themes, theme builders, and the Wordpress platform as a whole, equates to costing you money. While we do charge for site updates, this is only done when you want it or on my dime.

  • Go to the website https://whatcms.org and type in your domain name. This will tell you which (if any) CMS (Content Management System) your site is using.

  • If you want a blog, this is the one area I will recommend Wordpress. Wordpress is your best choice. Between functionality and open choice of free themes, Wordpress blogs are the way to go. Wordpress requires frequent updates to stay secure and up-to-date with current themes.

  • Clickfunnels runs the market for funnels and they do an excellent job. Some find them too expensive to run long-term. An alternative is https://groove.cm. While this software has plenty of bugs, it is usable to sell items online. Groove currently offers a lifetime deal if you prefer to purchase.

  • 100%. Some of the ecommerce solutions are incredible and work well with brick and morter stores. Wix and Shopify offer excellent solutions for online stores. I recommend to not use these for informational websites.

  • The starting rate to host your site is $150 a year. Prices may vary. Contact us for a personalized estimate.

  • Absolutely. The files are easily portable and can be transferred quickly if you decide to leave.

  • Sure thing. It's not difficult to transfer a domain to another person. It's part of your business and we don't keep it.

I highly recommend Allen and Taylor Made Designs! Allen is my go to source for all things web design and creation. He has helped me build 3 websites and has been able to successfully meet all of my goals. His creative outlook, timeliness, and willingness to overcome obstacles is what keeps me going back for more of his work. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Mike W.

The help that I got from Allen was nothing short of stellar, he was very pleasant, kind, patient and truly helpful, I was able to have my issue resolved quickly. I also think his teaching skills are amazing. Thank you Allen, your support was well appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Noris C.

Has been very helpful with setting up my blog and taught me about things I didn’t even know I could do with my website! Definitely recommend!

Tara S.

Allen expertly led me through sorting out issues and gave me valuable guidance regarding my website. I will be using him again and recommend it. Approachable, friendly and very generous, Allen is one of the good guys in a world where getting bonafide online support can be challenging. Thank you Allen!

Amanda F.

Allen helped me building out a funnel that I have managed to postpone for quite a while. Now I can make full use of my website, as I intended. Excellent work done!

Christian T.

Allen expertly led me through sorting out issues and gave me valuable guidance regarding my website. I will be using this service again and recommend it. Approachable, friendly and very generous, Allen is one of the good guys in a world where getting bonafide support can be challenging. Thank you Allen!

Amanda F.

I put a call out for technical help and Allen offered to assist. His calm and patient approach assisted me with setting up a website, and more than than that, gave me the confidence to know I can move forward with learning by myself. I highly recommend Allen for anyone needing help.

Jude M.



This is not an all inclusive price list, just an overiew.



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